Can We Feed Ourselves Yet?

We fed ourselves out of our own garden within 8 months of moving here; however the last year has not been a very successful gardening endeavour. The hot summer and brutal winter full of black frost killed most of our...
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Pompom Weed (and Friends) Removed!

It took 3 men, 4 weeks, 6 days a week, to clear 21ha of 4 hectically invasive plant species! Moses and Ntsako dug it all up. Dickie fetched it with the golf cart and tractor and delivered to a central...
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Operation Pompom Weed!

We're calling it the Devil's Spawn now. Pompom weed man, that stuff is everywhere! This incredibly destructive invader got here in the 60's, then just thrived because there are no natural predators to stop it. Half the country is a...
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