About Us

Buffy and Veronique 5

We grew up together as children and played in trees and on trampolines. Our families were family. We went our separate ways for 35 years then reconnected over a lunch one day. One thing led to another and we became a couple who then started dreaming of a more fulfilling life. We found our forever farm and moved here on 1 July 2021.

Our website is our journey to self-sustainability and living in harmony with nature. It’s our trials and tribulations of what it took to get here and to thrive here in the hope that it may inspire others to live their best lives.

How Little Big Tree Farm Got Its Name

We first started coming here in early spring before the trees got all their leaves. We were walking around the farm looking for a place to put the house and found a big tree we used as a centre point to navigate from. It became known as “Big Tree”. However, every time we came here, we struggled to find Big Tree because there’s so many trees, and then found Big Tree 2 a little way off. Over time, summer arrived and with it, all the leaves on the trees. Then when we came to visit, we couldn’t find either of the Big Trees as they now all looked the same!

Buffy and Veronique 4

When my sister got married, we were all having breakfast the next morning talking about the farm. We were explaining how the big trees suddenly became little trees when summer came round, then Buffy said yeah, it’s little big tree now. Someone said that sounded like a cool name, so it became Little Big Tree Farm!

We do almost daily updates on our Facebook page and usually weekly uploads to our YouTube channel. Our blog and mailing list are brand new. We’re planning an online shop and guest accommodation. Subscribe everywhere to keep up to date with what we’re up to.