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Timeline to Date

02 September 2021 | Veronique |

It’s been an epic adventure to just get to this point. Here’s how it’s gone down :

October 2020 – see the farm for the first time, put in an offer, offer accepted
November 2020 – get a permaculture assessment and plan done
December 2020 – our first picnic and first camping trip on the farm
January 2021 – start making the tiny house in the driveway in the city, farm registered in our name
February 2021 – day trips and more making stuff at home, plan everything
March 2021 – break ground on the farm
April 2021 – tiny house construction
May 2021 – tiny house construction
June 2021 – get wendy houses
July 2021 – move into our half build tiny house, borehole and solar go in
August 2021 – pump water, fencing goes up – do 23 loads of washing in one week

Everything is taking three times as long as we expected and costing twice as much. We will persevere!

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