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Some People Have All the Luck Hey

02 September 2021 | Veronique |

People were asking me about the farm whilst we were waiting for the rest of the people to arrive for a meeting recently. On relaying what we were doing, someone said, “some people have all the luck hey”. Luck had nothing to do with it.

As with all things in life, if there is something you want, you must do the work to get it. My journey has taken 20 years of blood, sweat, tears and heartbreak to get here. This is my seventh attempt at getting a farm. It has taken a decade of therapy, meditations, reiki, journaling and letting go to learn how to attract the kind of life I want.

The biggest work of all has been getting my thoughts under control, learning to take accountability for every single that has happened in my life; and learning what the inescapable Natural Laws are and living by those rules. Changing the record in my head has taken what seems to be, forever! However, it’s not perfect yet, but my internal thoughts are clear enough for me to be manifesting a life exactly to my design. My entire journey has been 100% intentional. Buffy’s journey was totally different to mine, yet we ended with the same goal. My way is not the only way, it’s just a way.

Consequently, my entire journey is succeeding because of my willingness to adapt fast, find the positive in every situation; to be resilient, determined, motivated and empowered. We spent the entire year of lockdown watching thousands of YouTube videos and documentaries on every single aspect of offgrid and sustainable living. As a result, by the time we got the farm we had enough knowledge to at least get going.

If you want to live a life you never thought possible, you simply must do the inner work.  In other words, “as within, so without”. What is your dominant thought? Mine, amongst others, is that the Universe has got my back. No matter what, I know that something out there is looking out for me and taking care of me. I believe the world is a friendly place. I believe I am always safe. Therefore, I believe that everything comes to me exactly when I need it.

What do you believe?

We are nobody special. We are two people who believed in a better future for themselves and are putting in the work daily to make it happen. That’s not luck, that’s dedication, perseverance, planning, faith and sense of humour. Stop making excuses and start living a life you can love.

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  1. Yvette on October 14, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    What you are saying here, really hit me right where it must. I take my hat off to you and yes! the universe has your back!
    Enjoy your life, and your farm every beautiful sacred inch of it.

    Much love!

    • Veronique on October 15, 2021 at 8:32 am

      Yes it sure does. This too shall pass.

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