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Social Media Smackdown!

02 January 2022 | Veronique |

Ah yes, Facebook has struck again. I have been blocked from posting yet again …. this time for saying I hate motorbikes. Well excuse me for posting such a life-threatening comment that bought me 6 days in Facebook jail!  Guess that’s what I get for being a truth speaking activist.

I started a brand new profile so I could carry on managing the Little Big Tree Farm Facebook page, and within 2 days, the new profile was blocked as well.  No explanation, no warning. I am so amused…

Facebook blocked me posting on my page

Even my 74 year old mother’s cooking group has been threatened with closure for using words like “I’ll whoop your ass in this cooking game!”. I mean come on people, are we that sensitive now? That social giant is completely out of control. It sickens me that we have given it so much power over us, and sickens me even more that they used that power for nothing but evil.  The final sickening level is to now have to figure out Instagram. I am loathe to do this when they knowingly have been manipulating children to feel worse about themselves! Like Facebook have been manipulating us.

We need a backup plan in case our Facebook page suddenly gets closed down for no reason… so what do we do? We are at the mercy of social media.

But I have no idea how Instagram works, so it’s back to square one on that front. I’m very glad I invested in a proper website, blog and online store that is not tied to Facebook’s stranglehold on the world! I don’t have to watch my words on my own blog!

Anyway, I’m uploading pics from scratch on our new Instragram page / account / thing. You can find there too from now on.

social media censorship


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