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Self-Determination Challenge Week 3 – Cook All Your Meals, No Takeaways

05 June 2022 | Veronique |

It’s week 3! Check out week 1 and week 2 to catch up.

This Week’s Challenge

It’s time to get back to the kitchen – not necessarily bare foot and pregnant, especially if you’re a guy, but it’s time! 😀

How much money do you spend on take-aways every month? When we lived in the city, we were buying take-aways at least twice a week. I shudder to think how much that was costing us – in more ways than one.

Cook something – and microwaving it doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how, learn! The internet has millions of videos, blogs and books to teach you – most of them free. Just learn the basics, toast and egg; frozen veg, a basic pasta. Make it your mission this week to cook just one thing every single day. Even if it’s a toasted sandwich, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

If you are an old hat at cooking, share that knowledge with someone who doesn’t know. And if you don’t have someone to teach, then write down your favourite recipes and give them to a friend to try. Cook something for someone that’s too ill to cook. There is so much you can do here. Stretch yourself.

I saw a potato recipe on YouTube a few years ago and decided to make them for Buffy. Four hours later, I had wrecked the entire kitchen and used every single pot and pan in the whole house! I served it and it was still raw. We call it the Potato-Gate scandal of 2020. We still laugh about how so very bad it was. But making soups, stews, salads and sandwiches is my super power of note! Rice is a constant challenge, but I persevere!

Check these babies we made in 2020! Homemade burgers and homemade onion rings! They were absolutely delicious!

Homemade burgers

Homemade onion rings

Why Is This Important?

If you outsource all your food to the take-away industry and food giants, you are signing over your body to the pharmaceutical industry. Not only that, mass produced food comes at an enormous cost to the planet. Convenience is more expensive than you can possibly imagine. Us humans being herded into cities like sheep is part of a terrible agenda to control all the resources on the planet, and only feed us insects. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

Junk food is just that, full of junk – chemicals, bad fats, high sugar, high salt and endless chemicals. Watch Supersize Me if you haven’t yet. I understand that there is a big part of the population that cannot afford fresh food because junk food is cheaper; but that’s another reason why this self-determination challenge is important. If we start growing more food ourselves and in local communities, we can break this cycle of food poverty.

It has never been more important to empower ourselves on this planet and break our reliance on the industry giants. They do not serve humanity in any way, they serve themselves and their shareholders.

What Will Learning to Cook Achieve?

Firstly, you are empowering yourself in a whole new way. You may discover this creative method of expression triggers new ideas for you. You will learn to laugh at yourself. You will surprise and delight yourself. It’s fun, social activity that connects you to yourself, food and people. Imagine how you will impress your friends if that’s important to you too. You will also know exactly what’s going into your meal an that alone is worth its weight in gold!

Crumpets / pancakes are super easy, try that.

Since moving to the farm, we make all our meals and junk food has totally lost its appeal to me. We still miss pizza, but we buy frozen margherita pizzas and put our own toppings on. I’ve found now that on the rare occasion that I go shopping and buy ready cooked meals. I choose far healthier foods than ever before. I avoid anything that’s full of chemicals as much as possible. Being forced to cook daily has made me a much better cook and made me excited about learning new things to make. Now I tie that into my garden and plant things I know I’m going to need in the kitchen regularly. And so the circle becomes apparant.

We have to take back our power in these little ways and free ourselves in the process.

Let us know what you make in the comments below.

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