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We’re Qualified to Practice Reiki

14 February 2022 | Veronique |

One of the goals of our farm is to create a sanctuary of peace and healing. To this end, I’ve been studying reiki for some time to be able to practice it once we have a healing centre up and running.  I’m happy to report that I achieved my certification today and am now allowed to practice professionally. Reiki has changed my life completely over the past 10 years. It has been a natural progression to learn the craft, to want to practice it and pay it forward. I was trained and attuned to advanced level by the lovely Shanne Saunders at Shanshan Conscious Living.

advance reiki certificate

If you are new to reiki, it’s energy healing in a nutshell. The Universe is all energy and we have energy centres inside us. When these energy centres get blocked, we feel sick and sluggish, like you’re walking through mud up to your knees. Reiki gets the energy moving again; it’s channeled from Universal energy. When energy is moving like it should, you feel great. It’s one of the tools you can use to live a joyful and bountiful life. You feel lighter and stronger, and that’s our natural state.

We want our farm to be a place of overall wellness. Growing our own food and living in a healthy environment is the one side of this, embracing natural healing techniques is another. Modern medicine has its place, especially in the operating theatre, but preventative care goes a long way too. We’re working towards a healthy mind, body and soul environment and are looking forward to sharing this with you. As soon as our house is finished, we’ll be working on our healing room where people will be able to come for sessions in a pristine bush environment.


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  1. Ingy Palmer on February 14, 2022 at 4:43 pm

    Well done..this has been a dream for ages..you finally achieved your goal. I wish you all success and have every faith in you!

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